Provider-initiated Counseling and Screening (DCIP) as Best Strategy to Boost the 90/90/90 Goal: Sanru Asbl Experience with Global Fund Financial Support

At the beginning of the fight against HIV / AIDS, a lot of emphasis was placed on Voluntary Counseling and Screening (VCT) to test patients for HIV. But this approach has shown its limits because there are still the US and customs, the refusal to accept results, the non-withdrawal of results, discrimination and stigmatization, etc. According to the 2013-2014 DHS-RDC, a still large proportion of men and women (68%) have never tested HIV (63%) or have tested but do not know not the result (5%).


At the dawn of the 90/90/90 goal, Sanru Asbl with the financial support of the Global Fund applies the Counseling and Screening strategy initiated by healthcare providers (DCIP) to boost testing and treat patients on ART in health facilities. Taking advantage of the state of health of the patient, the provider provides counseling and systematically solicits all patients to the HIV test. Thus, health care providers were trained in comprehensive HIV package and data collection tools at the level of health facilities that could split VCT and DCIP were made available. 3. Results Following the implementation of this strategy, which has been integrated since January 2017, the following results have been expected:



Lessons Learned

a) There is no more craze for voluntary testing. The few cases that come up are for weddings, hiring recruitment, international travel, etc.

b) With good counseling, patients have little or no access to screening offered by health care providers. Nevertheless, healthcare providers complain of being overwhelmed by the volume of work. Therefore, this DCIP strategy must be accompanied by additional staff in the doctor’s box and motivated providers.

c) Prior to 2017, due to a lack of data collection tools that could split CDV and DCIP, all cases were combined with CDV/DCIP. This makes the CDV seem to contribute a lot to HIV testing of the population.


a) Strengthen TB, PTME and DCIP gate level testing and motivate providers.

b) Maintaining the availability of tests in Health Facilities


Authors: E. Kieto; A. N’siala; D. Mulumba; P. Philippe; P. Kanku; J. Kanowa; A. Kalonji; F. Minuku; et L. Kintaudi

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